One of the biggest decisions you will make in later life is the move to another home. To make this a stress free process, you need to be organised and to help you we’ve created a list of some of the things you’ll need to consider b​efore the move​ to The Grand Constantia​

Check your paperwork​.​

Make sure all forms are completed and costs are paid, and check that you have copies and receipts.
​This will include
​Your lease
Medical forms
Power of attorney
Proof of payment for your deposit and first month’s rent
Your will
Insurance documents​​

Make a list.

Actually, make two: one for must-take items and one for want-to-take items.
Must-takes include items that are essential to living comfortably, while the want-to-take list should include non-essential items that have emotional, decorative or other important qualities you value.
​Remember that you may be moving from an apartment or house to a suite, and not all of your belongings will fit. You don’t want to be cramped, but want a comfortable spacious suite to live in and enjoy. Decide what’s essential and start selling or donating the rest to a charity.​

Measure ​your new ​suite​.

Select furniture pieces that will fit best in that space​. If you have a room at your home that is similar in size, set it up as you would like your suite to look, and get a feel for what your suite will look like and what you need tot take with you to achieve the home you wat to live in.​

Take photos of ​the rooms you live in now

​Before packing items​ up take photos of your old room​, then use the photos later so that as you unpack items you have a guide for replicating your original home.

Set small goals.

Pack one room at a time. ​Don’t feel overwhelmed. We are here to help if you need any advice.
​Start in one room and finish packing it before moving onto another room. You’ll feel a sense of progress, and will be sure not to miss anything.

Find local moving resources.

They’ll reduce your stress and make the move much easier. Ask the ​Grand Constantia staff or the local chamber of commerce for a list of local resources.

Organize your new home.

You can increase your comfort by setting up the living space in your suite as close to the way it was in your previous home, starting with the ​amking up the ​bed and unpacking clothing first. ​We’ll help you put your pictures up on the walls once you’ve decided where to place them. Book a time with the Concierge desk.

Double-check safety equipment.

We always test the ​panic button and handrails in ​each suite prior to a resident moving in, but test them yourself as well to make sure you’re comfortable with them.

Learn your new home.

Know how to operate all the necessities (​panic button​, telephone, bathroom, door locks, ​DSTV, WiFi ​etc). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Concierge desk.

Consider renter’s insurance.

While it’s not required, renter’s insurance can give you added peace of mind and protection for your belongings.​ Let us know if you’d like us to arrange an agent to quote for you.​

Moving yourself or a parent or loved one to a senior living community can be one of the most difficult and emotional transitions a family can go through. We are more than happy to help families discuss their needs during this time and arrange a visit to The Grand Constantia.