Learn more about a typical family’s experience about making the transition to senior living.
Many people are not aware of how difficult caring for older parents and senior loved ones can be until their family is confronted with the fact that Dad or Mom can no longer take care of themselves. The time may have come for them to be moved into a more fitting senior living environment.
Often times, people are blindsided and overwhelmed by what’s involved as the roles reverse and parents begin to need more care.
It’s in these situations that The Grand Constantia can help families navigate the uncertainty of financing and finding appropriate senior care for their loved ones.
Our “One monthly rental” that covers everything from board and lodging, to entertainment, friendship and a wonderful home-like independent living environment for over 55’s, can give you peace of mind for your parents.
We Found The Right Place for Mom At The Grand Constantia.
Read a hypothetical story below to gain insight into how a family made the transition for mom to senior living:
I tried desperately to keep Mom at her apartment in Centurion Gardens because she kept telling me how happy she was and how she enjoyed her independence.
She cooked for herself and I tried to visit everyday after work on the way home for a cup of tea and a chat, but things got progressively difficult for me to do so as the kids got older.
Extra-mural activities and having the kids in separate high schools meant I was travelling a lot more in the afternoons, and had to take a half day job to be able to fit in with the kids schooling lives.
So my visits to mum started becoming twice weekly and over the weekend, when we would pick her up and take her out for lunch or take her for a walk in the park, or the odd weekend away.
I found more and more that when we arrived she had been sitting waiting for me to arrive, and loved the company and time together with us, but when the time came for us to leave she was often teary and desperate for us to stay just a little bit longer.
I also started noticing small things not getting done – dishes left when the maid wasn’t in, and her sometimes skipping meals.
She would follow me around often bumping into me when I stopped, just wanting to be close and to be part of what I was doing and every time I left I felt a little bit guilty leaving her alone knowing that she would spend the long days sitting by herself, sad and depressed and missing dad.
Dad passed away a few years ago and mum was still young, only 63 and although she was a happy person she was desperately lonely.
I discussed the situation with my husband Tom and we started looking for alternate accommodation for mum online, a situation that had come across our paths far sooner than either of us had expected.
We came across the The Grand Constantia website and read through the information. It seemed perfect – one monthly rental that covered all her needs and would fit within her budget.
Looking at the lively Facebook community we decided to contact the hotel and take up the opportunity of booking mum in for a night to their “Welcome Suite”

The Grand Constantia offers an opportunity for people looking at moving into the independent living facility a chance to stay overnight to interact with the community, eat the food and experience The Grand Constantia lifestyle to determine whether it would be a fit for them.
I called the hotel and Charmaine the manager made an appointment for us to visit. We were invited for afternoon tea at the Grand Constantia, and were immediately impressed on our arrival.
When I pulled up and saw the building I couldn’t believe it — I was expecting an institution, but instead, I pulled up to a Cape Dutch Boutique Hotel, beautiful and nostalgic. The manager was charming, enthusiastic and helpful.

The residential hotel is set in a secure park with 24 hour security in the heart of Midrand.
The homely feel and friendly staff were very welcoming, and mum was introduced to some of the residents for tea. We had a wonderful afternoon, and when the time came to leave, we said our goodbyes and drove away wondering if we had done the right thing?
We need not have worried! Mom loved her evening, had a wonderful meal and made some new friends. When we picked her up she was bubbling with excitement, and couldn’t tell us enough about her evening.
Truthfully, I was initially very unsure about mom moving to an independent living community, but after my talk with the manager and meeting the in-house nurse and seeing the room where Mom would live, I realized this was the “perfect” place for her. She didn’t have to worry about the small things in life – food, washing, cleaning etc – they were all part of her rental. So without ever visiting another community, I made the decision that this move was the right decision for all involved.
My total cost for Mom for rent, DSTV, Wifi and all the extra amenities plus three meals a day is not much more than I was paying for food and rent previously. Mom’s costs are the same as we had before, but she is in a far better environment for her. The point is that she is happy! And that makes me happy!! And takes so much strain off all of us.
Hardship would exist no matter what, and to see my Mom today is worth any inconvenience I might have had as she is so happy in her new home. She has made it her home, filled her drawers with her personal belongings, hung her pictures on the walls. She is at home, surrounded by her friends.

Mom loves having company and is spoiled with the constant care. As Charmaine says, “Your Mom goes to bed happy and gets up happy in the morning.” When I can’t visit for a couple of days, Mom shares her activities and sends me pictures, just to keep me updated. Mom is smiling in every one of them!

I think that many of us — the adult children and loved ones of those in Mom’s situation — forget that it’s still important for our parents and senior loved ones need to lead their own life. The feeling that we are not doing enough to repay them for the life they gave us, drives many of us to make decisions that truly may not be the best one for our loved ones or ourselves.
Thank you to everyone at The Grand Constantia
Moving yourself or a parent or loved one to a senior living community can be one of the most difficult and emotional transitions a family can go through. We are more than happy to help families discuss their needs during this time and arrange a visit to The Grand Constantia. www.thegrandconstantia.com